Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an aspect of computing that computer science that develops machines and computer systems to perform tasks that require human intelligence such as speech recognition, visual perception, translation between languages, and decision making processes. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used as a predictive tool to analyze and draw up a line of actionable insights to improve the way businesses are done and also proffer solution to daily business challenges.

Quantimica provides data and analysis tools that are crucial to the operations and growth of any Retail. Understanding accurate customer traffic data, precise customer-to-sales conversion ratios, reliable queue management, advertising and marketing return-on-investments, and many other KPIs, are all central to the successful management of a business.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics helps businesses and organizations to find deeper insights that will engender real-time actions to solve existing and future challenges. With Advanced Analytics tools, one can understand what went wrong, what will happen, and what to be done by engaging both technical and business data to uncover opportunities and threats. You can operationalize your analytics into business processes with the use of our Advanced Analytics tool which can help you discover opportunities using available data from variety of sources within and beyond your organization. Our Advanced Analytics Services offers you the following advantages;

  • It helps to deploy insights into business processes that will enable you build and use predictive models in your business processes.
  • It is a powerful tool that can be used in all phases of analytical projects.
  • It offers a full breadth of analytics technique that is multi-faceted.
  • It helps you amplify the power of analytics without losing control of your fundamental business functions.
  • It helps you to take full advantage of a future opportunity or mitigate future risk.
  • It proactively updates recommendations based on changes in line of occurrences and events.
  • It helps to automate complex decision making tasks and also manages limited resources in the process.
  • It helps to easily achieve operational goals that may include increasing customer base, preventing threats and fraud, maximizing profit, and optimizing business processes

Advanced Analytics: Our advanced analytics tool analyzes different type of data using sophisticated quantitative methods (predictive and descriptive data mining, statistics, optimization, and simulation) to produce insights that conventional approaches such as reporting and query are unlikely to discover.

Advanced analytics offer the opportunity to leverage on data mining methods, machine learning techniques, and complex statistical models to build sentiment analysis or recommendation and to make effective data-based decisions that will lead to predictive analysis.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analytics covers four main areas which include Business, Prediction, Speed, and accessibility. It helps to leverage on the mind-blowing technological breakthroughs in the area of data intelligence that includes Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, cloud, and artificial intelligence among others.

Companies that want to take advantage of AI should consider the use of predictive analytics machine learning system. Machine learning is an integral aspect artificial intelligence.

Today, AI is being employed in several businesses and in industries such as Oil and Gas, Online retail platforms, Banking and Fintech.Application of Artificial Intelligence can only get to be on the increase, given the many benefits and solutions it has got to offer.